Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mental Hospital Avoidance Technique

If you ever find yourself on the way to say, a mental hospital via your parents think your mental health "isn't all there", and you just don't feel like going into a crazy hospital wearing an uncomfortable white jacket, here's what you do.

Wait until they pull up to your new asylum home. Once they are stopped open the door and run as fast as you can back towards the parkway/motorway.

Find the fastest Jeep Cherokee (this article not endorsed in any way shape or form by Jeep or any of it's registered trademarks :-)) and proceed to run in front of it.

Upon impact with said vehicle you will find yourself flying rather rapidly through the air for say about 40 to 50 feet until you, and maybe some of your other parts come to an abrupt halt on the road itself.

As you fly through the air try to glimpse back at your parents to try and catch a look of horror upon their face, that would make it all worth while.

I'm sure they would pick up the shoe that was left in the middle of the road, after you were blown out of it and decide you are not ready to see a psychiatrist yet.